Cheap tiffany extraordinary show, in the autumn of 2016 new senior jewelry masterpieces

During the period of Tiffany in France in July 2016, Paris high, released in the autumn of 2016 “masterpieces” new senior jewelry series. This time, design director Francesca amfitheatrof Ms. break the barriers of traditional creation, cheap tiffany jewellery to insurgent imagination innovation challenge limit, the unique ingenuity into the jewelry, the interpretation of rich brand design inspiration and inheritance. Ms. amfitheatrof created two major themes of Tiffany prism and ribbon, to a new way of expression of the bold, the ultimate design exploration and full of vitality of the creative spirit.

Prism Tiffany prism series: the gorgeous gem

Prism series of inspiration from Tiffany’s first brand Design Director Louis Comfort – Tiffany (Louis Comfort Tiffany) of the drama, he in the hollow enamel art for light and color brilliant use of world-renowned. discount tiffany Color rich jewel release bright sparkling color Shafu Shi Lai, Spessartine and sapphire illusion out distinctive tone.

A 18k rose gold inlaid with two pieces of Pink Sapphire and diamond ball and golden Nanyang pearl ring, stunning. Equally impressive is another thing changes gradually from platinum mosaic arrangement of Pink Sapphire and diamond ball pendant, bright shine. Ms. amfitheatrof said: “a continuation of Tiffany hundred years to use rare gems of traditional, I will these Zhen Cai treasure into the modern design, give them unique charm and humor, smart, and suitable for any occasion wear.”

Tiffany Ribbons series: Eternal elegant ribbon

Ribbon series inspired by Audrey Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) of the eternal elegant style. This series consists of pleating and waterfall series jewelry, classic and a sense of drama. A created by diamond and Pearl Necklace presents such as ribbon like flow vertical fall texture to light the elegant beauty of the state in the neck between pouring down.

A mosaic Round Cut Diamond seven platinum necklace perfect soft to fit the curvature of the body and enjoy the show the ribbon gentle charm. tiffany keys This exciting design is flexible and changeable, composed of a four stranded type diamond necklace and a triple diamond necklace combination, and thus the collision of a three piece unique design works.

Another NECKLACE by glowing feeling, color from grey to purple red manual selection of the South China Sea pearl black and mixed cut diamonds add radiance and beauty to each other, Cheap Tiffany Jewellery the classic pearl necklace deduce beautiful sense of drama. This elegant and highly elaborate cadenza Pendant Necklace elegant Strapless evening with perfect collocation swaying.

Gemstone cutting and inlay masters produced a very dynamic bracelet, worn like silk around the wrist, large carat lucida & reg; cutting diamond exquisite mosaic, tiffany rings pattern design let ribbon like diamond bracelet gracefully bending or clever bent around the show smart fluid sense of design. Round brilliant cut and square cut diamond earrings make eyes focus condenses on the, Ying Yao wearing the face, reveal a Tiffany diamond in the world’s most popular diamond Pierre supreme fame.

Berger design works: a beautiful work

Tiffany designers make – history long Berger (Jean Schlumberger) is good at drawing inspiration from the vast ocean and brocade bunch of flowers in nature, the magnificent form unreal beautiful jewelry. Fall of 2016, Tiffany to let – Sloan Berger a series of precious representative masterpiece were engraved, return to take to the whim of nature.

18K gold and platinum inlaid conch brooch, first appeared in the 20th century at the end of the 1950s, show the designer born with perception for life. Beautiful morning glory flower necklace highlight the designer imaginative delicate touch, showcase Tiffany exquisite extraordinary skills handed down. tiffany necklace The complex work first appeared in the fifties of the 20th century, sources of inspiration in plant pictures and history long Berger in Guadeloupe (Guadeloupe) and journey. 18K gold to create winding branches around the neck, sapphires and diamonds of petunia flowers bloom on the branches, 18K gold and platinum inlaid diamonds to create a pure bud, gem weighing more than 90 carat.

Let Mr. Sloan Berger for the shape and proportions of grasp the same amazing. A 18K gold and platinum inlaid cocktail ring, tiffany rings uk 30 long stick shaped diamond exquisite arrangement, with a sharp contrast with the shape of the line.

Ms. amfitheatrof said, “when I creation with diamonds and gemstones, I will continue to from Tiffany rich heritage inspiration, reproduction of both classical and modern charm of the works. Tiffany masterpieces and brand all fine jewelry series, symbolizing the ultimate expression of design innovation and practice.”

To show the magic of the natural world! Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) launched a new 2016 Blue Book senior jewelry series

Called the legendary Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) Book Blue advanced jewelry catalog, the selection of the world’s most brilliant gorgeous jewelry masterpiece, since 1845 every year, published in the world. This is only one of the extraordinary masterpieces of jewelry, condensed great heritage of artistic charm, called the legend. In 2016, Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.) will this famous series into the nature of exploration, to “magic rhyme” (the art of transformation) as the theme, to show the endless changes of nature beauty of art.

Beautiful artistic conception
2016 Book Blue advanced jewelry series in a few diamond studded platinum rings, the central precious stones full of fresh color, the glorious heritage of Tiffany show. Clockwise from top to bottom: 20.43 carat sapphire ring, 27.08 carat pink spinel and blue copper lithium Tourmaline Ring, 12.63 carat blue copper lithium Tourmaline Ring.
Two pieces of inspiration from antique tiffany earrings collections Library in the 20th century in the 1930s and the 1940s jewelry design sketch brooch, show the stunning beauty of sculpture. Beaded red tourmaline and pink tourmaline and special cutting long stick shaped diamonds inlaid on the edge shaped platinum base on, the visual effect of the three-dimensional geometric sense that these two gold brooches are different from the unique style of this era.
Sun fireworks
“As a designer, I continue to explore the nature of nature – all the beauty and the source of artistic inspiration.” Design director Amfitheatrof Francesca says. With 22.11 carat emerald cut no Yellow Sapphire Pendant and optimization with a blazing sun light emitting earrings. Precious stones inlaid on the 18K gold base, the more warm breath. The size of the gradient manual cutting around the Yellow Sapphire Diamond Pattern around, like the gentle caresses tidal rhythm

Uncharted wilderness
The wavy wide Bracelet design inspiration from the antique Tiffany collections Library in the sixties of the 20th century the diamond cheap tiffany jewellery design sketch, reminiscent of fern grass, leaves and flowers of various plants. This vibrant Bracelet consuming more than 1000 hours, on the base of the platinum inlaid with more than 1800 pieces of Marquise and round cut diamond, as if a lush garden. This is a distinctive feature of the era of the bracelet, the ups and downs of the pattern is full of smart feeling, perfect fit the wearer’s wrist.
Diamond streamer
The bracelet will be round, Cheap Tiffany Jewellery, pear shaped, emerald, Marquise, square and triangular cutting diamond series together, show the Tiffany craftsman’s virtuosity, reproducing the sinuous river towards the sea surging energy.
Wave rhythm
Hybrid shaped cut diamond necklaces to capture the rhythm of the waves on the coast. Tiffany craftsmen over 800 hours of elaborate gives this dazzling diamond necklace with the charm of the aura, inlaid on the base of the platinum diamond showed diamond waves follow the changing tides the ups and downs of the ripples.
Breathtaking beauty
From the birth of the Book Blue Series in the middle of nineteenth Century, tiffany rings uk legendary diamond gives these advanced jewelry infinite charm. Continuation of the centenary diamond inheritance, 2016 Blue Book senior jewelry series has a gold weighing 40.22 carat, D color, clarity if Emerald Cut Diamond suspension in inlaid with a total weight of 35 carat mixed shape cutting diamond platinum necklace under, each diamond are adhering to the Tiffany handed down process, cutting and polishing inlaid with perfect.
Diamond ribbon
A variety of platinum cutting diamond necklace like silky ribbon around the neck of the elegant. Three diamond ribbon design have great originality, respectively by Lucida® cutting, cutting and circular square cut diamonds. One of the other two on the other, light and winding, elegant presentation of asymmetric beauty. discount tiffany Necklace contour perfect fit neck curve, always shine bright circulation.